Based in Staffordshire, Shaun Bettaney has over twenty years experience in horsebox manufacture, refurbishment and repair. With an emphasis on strength and long lasting qualities, a range of services are available to suite individual customer requirements. We offer guidance and consultations during the design and build process to ensure our clients receive exactly what is required. Please read more about our services HERE.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bettaney Horseboxes. Shaun was fantastic and built exactly what was required to an exceptional standard.He made a number of recommendations and helped us decide on what was best for our needs.  We visited his workshop during various stages of the build and the quality of his workmanship was outstanding. A great guy!”

Henry McLurg

“I’ve had two horseboxes from Shaun Bettaney, both new builds . I ran the first one for five years and never had any problems with Shaun’s workmanship. Our family of three used it all the time with two 16hh warm bloods. People at shows often asked who built it. I’ve had the second box for about two years now and it’s to the same high standard as the first.”

Jennifer Pardew

“I’ve had a conversion horsebox from Shaun Bettaney for about two years now and never had a problem with it. I looked at a few coachbuilders before I decided to use Shaun Bettaney. Shaun sourced the vehicles for me at it’s been extremely reliable ever since. Shaun was a lot more flexible when all the others tried to restrict me to a set design.”

Peter Stapleton

“I bought a chassis and sent it to a horsebox builder to convert. I very quickly realised that the builder wasn’t going to convert the vehicle to an acceptable standard so decided to stop the build. Shaun came to have a look at the vehicle and repaired the shabby work and completed the conversion to a very high standard.”

Paula Smethurst

“Shaun built us a superb box for seven horses and full living for a family of four. He got the chassis and built it much quicker than the other suppliers we had approached. He kept us informed about progress throughout the build and constantly checked every detail. We only lived about half an hour away so could inspect the build as and when necessary. Shaun was fantastic.”

Penny Simpson